Nahilion Selection Context

Reprising a previous life's responsibility of writing the technical sections of federal proposals in response to RFPs, the novel Nihilion-ParaNihilion's author Richard Rekord included an abstruse (difficult to visualize) section he whimsically categorizes the novel's technical section.

All names of every variety (e.g., persons, cyberpersons, objects, places) are draft, paste-up names which may or may not be used in the novel published in its entirety. Of that novel and its sample section which follows, the title Nihilion-ParaNihilion is also provisional.

Traditionally, the author wishes the novel's overall narrative to remain unknown until its publication. In the sample section which follows there are several brief phrases or statements which allude directly to that plot. Therefore, those words are replaced by curly-braces containing within the italicized words plot masked.